New Colour Training Courses… booking now

New Colour Training Courses - booking now

Wow, it’s finally happened and taken me by surprise but here I am, launching Karen Haller Colour Training.

The seed was sown… having been asked over and over again,

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Does Your Home Inspire and Uplift You?

Does Your Home Inspire and Uplift You? online summit

If your home isn’t a relaxing oasis that is full of joy, happiness, and light…

If your home design doesn’t nourish your soul and bring peace, harmony, and get your creative juices flowing…

Then something has gone awry.

But don’t worry. I would like to invite you today to transform your home and bring back the excitement, energy, and humor of its inhabitants by using the key tips and inspiring secrets of interior design experts and transformational coaches!

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the brand colour dilemma


You only have to go into a department store, a supermarket or online to see the thousands of businesses catering to our every need, want and desire.

When it comes to picking colours for your own business brand, have you ever found yourself wondering what colours to pick?

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are we walking into a colourless future?

Dulux Colourless Future

Imagine a world without colour. A world of silver, white and grey. If we are to believe the research carried out by Dulux in March the future looks, well, rather dull, drab and dark.

Why were we so in love with colour and felt free to express our colour choices and experiment in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and then to watch it slowly slide into an almost colour abyss from the ‘90’s?

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dulux let’s colour awards 2015… and the winners are


Monday night saw the 3rd annual Dulux Let’s Colour Awards. The awards are designed to celebrate and reward the most innovative uses of colour and design across Britain’s creative industries and events.

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colour can make or break your customer’s experience

Colour can make or break your customers experience

Take a minute and think of three words to describe the impact of your brand colours.

When I asked this question to my clients the words I most often hear are: exclusive, cutting edge, innovative, empathy, trust, quality, playful, fun…which makes it very clear that colour is more than just a visual experience; colour is an incredibly powerful phenomenon used to influence us every day of our lives. It can affect our mood, behaviour and feelings. It can make us move quickly, feel relaxed, take action, eat more and spend more.

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Ideal Home Show 2015 – win free bedroom colour consultation

Ideal Home Show 2015 - Colour Consultation_Karen Haller

As part of my exciting year long partnership with Hammonds Furniture I’m really looking forward to spending the day at the Ideal Home Show, Olympia on Tuesday 31st March as their in-house colour expert.

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that colour changing dress… why we see different colours

that colour changing dress... why we see different colours

I was with friends when ‘that dress’ hit the internet. They thought I was pulling their leg when I said I saw a gold/white dress when they were seeing blue/black. How can it be we could see such different colours looking at the same photograph?

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dulux let’s colour awards – vote for your favourite colour moment of 2014

Dulux Lets Colour Awards 2014

The fabulous Dulux Let’s colour Awards is now in its third year and I was absolutely thrilled to be asked once again to be on their judging panel.

Last year I was asked to personally pick a shortlist for the  category ‘colour innovation in technology & design’. This year my category was to handpick what I felt was the Colour Moment of the year and the great news is… you get to vote for the winner!

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International Colour Day 21st March 2015… all welcome

Blog Post - International Colour Day_save the day!

It’s almost upon us again, an entire day dedicated to celebrating all colour on the International Colour Day. Established by the AIC, International Colour Association we are celebrating the 3rd annual event.

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Dulux Colour of the Year 2015 radio day with Rebecca Williamson

Rebecca Williamson and Karen Haller - Copper Blush - Radio Day

It feels like only yesterday Rebecca Williamson and I were on radio talking about Dulux 2014′s Colour of the Year, Teal. Today we teamed up again to talk about this year’s Copper Blush.  It was another marathon session giving 14 radio interviews within 3 hours with a combined listenership close to 5 million across the UK. It was wonderful to chat again with Charlene Guy on BFBS worldwide (British Forces Broadcasting Service) definitely a lover of colour and by the sounds of it all things pink!

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dulux colour of the year 2015 – copper blush with sophie ellis-bextor

Dulux Copper Blush Sophie Ellis-Bextor_1
Every year Dulux UK, together with a well-known name, create a beautiful colour story, bringing Dulux colour of the year to life. Last year it was Alesha Dixon with Teal and the year before Nicola Roberts with indigo blue.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this year’s story and today I received the ‘hot off the press pictures’.

This year it’s the lovely….

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