Here are just some of our client success stories - ranging from business brand identity creation (brand personality & colour analysis for new brands and rebrands), business interiors (colour & design psychology), colour teacher (colour psychology & colour theory) and colour expert for major brand product campaigns.

The brand work starts with the all-important detailed Brand Personality Colour & Design Psychology analysis. Then depending on your brand's requirements, our team of brand specialists can create your brand's logo, website and all relevant brand collateral both online and printed materials. If you would like to see how we can help, you can either read more in colours that sell, call 020 7727 4938 or email

One of Many | New Brand Development

One of Many | New Brand Development

Dr Joanna Martin founded One of Many as a way for women to come together, with a common vision to change the world. She wanted to ensure there was an authentic alignment between the written message and the messages the colours were sending out.

Thomas Pocklington Trust 
| Guide contributor

Thomas Pocklington Trust | contributor

Karen was asked by the guide author, Jacqui Smith of Home Smith Interiors to write the chapter 'Colour & Contrast Guidelines' for the guide Homes and living spaces for people iwth sight loss: A guide for interior designers. Download the guide.

Isla & Eden | New Brand Development

Isla & Eden | New Brand Development

Natalie wanted to create a luxury wallpaper brand with a difference. Her aim is to encourage progress in the direction of social conscience and sustainability of luxury brands - concepts not yet highly visible in the luxury market.

Hammonds furniture | Colour Campaign

Hammonds furniture | Colour Campaign

Karen is heading up the year long colour campaign for major UK retailer Hammonds furniture on how to bring colour into the home, featuring the Great British bedroom survey and ongoing media activities.
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Dove 100 Colours | Campaign Colour Expert

Dove 100 Colours | Campaign Colour Expert

Fronting the Dove Colour Confidence campaign as their colour psychology specialist, Karen met with journalists & bloggers, wrote articles and carried out colour consultations for competition winners featured in Glamour UK. Read articles here and here.

Ambitious Goddess Co. | New Brand Development

Ambitious Goddess | Brand Development

Natalie set up Ambitious Goddess Co. to create a community of women with heart-centre ambition, authentic vision and the resources to live fully in a powerful state of flow, which she wanted to be reflected in the brand look & feel.

Fido Photography | New Brand Development

Fido Photography | New Brand Development

US photographer Karen McMillian wanted a brand that expressed the natural warmth, fun, joy and honest way she is able to connect with each pet, capturing them at their happiest, creating lasting memories for their owner.

EMS | Rebrand

Expert Mentoring Services| Rebrand

EMS is an international company based in The Netherlands specialising in personalised high end mentoring programs for global infopreneurs. They wanted their brand identity to visually convey their brand values and message.

Argos ColourMatch | Campaign Colour Expert

Argos ColourMatch | Campaign Colour Expert

Karen was brought in to work with Argos co-created a personality test based on the ColourMatch colour range. She then front their ColourMatch campaign analysing results from a nationwide survey during 12 radio interviews nationwide. Read more

Covet London | New Brand Development

Covet London | New Brand Development

Creation of Covet London brand based on Brand Personality Colour & Design Analysis. Culminating in the who's who and where to go guide (part of the Covet Girl brand).

Jo Simpson | New Brand Development

Jo Simpson | New Brand Development

It was important for Jo the brand personality and design expressed a new evolution of business 'leading through values' targeting restless executives from a heart-based approach.

A&C Tadman | Rebrand

A&C Tadman | Rebrand

A&C Tadman are a family run business established in 1841. They were looking to bring their brand into the 21st century whilst maintaining their strong traditional values and old fashion customer service they are known for.

FIAT500 | Campaign Colour Expert

FIAT500 | Campaign Colour Expert

Karen was brought in to work with FIAT as their applied colour psychology expert to develop 'a world-first fashion Facebook App' as part of their launch of the Spring/Summer new colour collection. Read more

Precision Movement | New Brand Development

Precision Movement | New Brand Development

It was very important for the brand to express how the client will feel after working with Precision Movement, along side expressing the quality of care and attention to detail of their service and delivery.

Mastermind Training | New Brand Development

Mastermind Training | New Brand Development

Mastermind Training is a forward thinking brand. Their vision is to create a group of companies that values both financial and spiritual prosperity, through inspirational training methods.

Pitney Bowes | Colour Campaign Expert

Pitney Bowes | Colour Campaign Expert

Karen and Pitney Bowes' Head of Brand discussed results of their European study in 16 UK radio talks 'if the way we perceive colour is affected by where we live & how businesses can use colours to create impact'.
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Ageless Alchemy | rebrand

thomas pink | personally pink campaign

Karen was brought in to be the Thomas Pink 'Shirt Lab' colour psychology expert as part of their 'Personally Pink' campaign at their flagship Jermyn St store, helping their customers with which colours to wear for which occasion and colour matching.

3M Post-it | Campaign Colour Expert

3M post-it uk | campaign colour expert

Karen was the colour psychology expert heading up the 3M Post-it UK new product colours launch, speaking on radio nationwide about the research carried out on the'colours of a nation' and how colour can affect our mood and behaviour.
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peggy porschen academy (colour trainer)

peggy porschen academy |
colour trainer

As part of her Academy Dipolma course, Peggy brought Karen in to train her students in colour personality. This was to enable her students to tap into their unique colour and design style and gain an understanding of their business branding colour identity.

Logitech | Campaign Colour Expert

Logitech | Campaign
Colour Expert

Karen worked with Logitech as their colour psychology expert on their 'Colours for Successful Situations' campaign. An infographic was created to launch their new product colour collection. The campaign was used in the UK, Europe, Eastern Europe and Turkey.

Ageless Alchemy | rebrand

ageless alchemy | rebrand

Almira Ross untook a rebrand as it was important her brand stood out for all the right reasons. The brand's personality, values and purpose were positively reflect in the colour and design.

Sue Carter | rebrand

sue carter | rebrand

Sue's decision to rebrand was to ensure the brand's authentic personality and colours attracted her niche target market, setting realistic expectations of the brand's offerings and level of service.

Elle Cox | rebrand

elle cox | rebrand

Elle rebrand to full express the brand's true identity - one that is timeless and reassures the clients their needs will be met. To be instantly recognisable and increase brand loyalty - the go yoga and wellbeing place.

Time Wizard | new brand

time wizard | new brand

Clearly reflect brand's professional identity to attract the right customers within her target market and dispel any confusion between similar services.

A-Players (Business Branding Colours)

A-Players | New brand

Luke wanted to ensure his new brand and its values are instantly recognisable and therefore prospects are immediately engaged and desire to explore their services. Their focus being brand identity, awareness, differentiation and engagement.

Recognise & Relieve (Business Branding Colours)

Recognise & Relieve | Rebrand

Marina instructed Karen to carry out a review of her existing brand as she felt the current colours, font and design was not reflecting her brand's authentic personality and values.

MKT Outdoor fitness (Business Branding Colours)

MKT Outdoor fitness |

Re-launching her business, Kathryn decided on a brand analysis as she felt her current brand was too hard and was actually repelling her ideal clients, and attracting the wrong type of clients. It was key for her to build the right brand image.

Amanda Roberts (Business Branding Colours)

Amanda Roberts | rebrand

Amanda's request was to have a brand that appeared more professional with longevity. To attract her specific customer base through all aspects of her brand identity - online, literature & products.

Balanced Executives | new brand

balanced executives | new brand

It was important to An that her business brand clearly reflected its professional identity, to attract the right customers within her target market. An instantly recognisable brand.

the kensington magazine (Business Branding Colours)

the kensington magazine|

The Kensington Magazine's editor request was to upgrade the look and feel of her publication. A Business Branding Colour Palette was created to provide a consistent colour palette for the magazine, stationary, and carried through to the website. Read more

Alicia Cowan (Business Branding Colours)

Alicia Cowan |
branding colours

Re-launching her business, Alicia was looking for a brand refresh. Understanding the importance of colours, Alicia commissioned a brand colour analysis to find out which combination of colours would best reflect her brand values, giving her the edge on her competitors.

Tasmin Fox-Davies (Business Branding Colours)

Tamsin Fox-Davies | branding colours

Tamsin's brief was to create a colour palette that reflected her main Tamsin Fox-Davies brand and her group of sub brands. Tamsin wanted to ensure her brand values were clearly reflected in all aspects of her brand identity, both online, literature & products.

Richard House Children's Hospice (Business Branding colours)

Richard House Hospice | branding colours

London's oldest children's hospice, the brief was to create a colour palette to reflect what this organisation stood for. A brand colour palette was created which will be applied to their charity stores, campaign literature, t-shirts & newly designed website.

op Left Design (Business Branding Colours)

top left design | branding colours

Keren Lerner's request was to carry out a business branding colour analysis to ensure her branding colours are a true reflection of her brand's values and ethics. It is important how her current and potential clients perceive her brand.

WP Design Genies (Business Branding Colours)

WP Design Genies | branding colours

Given their international client base, it was important for this web design agency to have a clear brand identity. A bespoke brand colour palette was created to reflect this. Applied across all their stationary, and carried through to their website.

cyrine aromatherapie (Business Branding Colours)

cyrine aromatherapie |
branding colours

As the creator of a bespoke holistic skincare range, Cyrine felt her current brand identity did not reflect her brand's personality. Completing the brand personality analysis, a brand colour palette was created and then applied across all mediums such as logo, website & product packaging.

Neill Strain Floral Couture (Branding Colour Consultation)

Neill Strain Floral Couture | store interior

A Winter Colour Palette was created for Neill Strain Floral Couture to reflect vision of Summertime, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase his Summer Floral Exhibition at his exclusive Summer Party and entice passersby into his boutique. Read more

Meadow House Hospice (holistic interior design)

Meadow House Hospice|
holistic interior design

Refurbishment of Relative's Room to created a home-away-from-home for the relatives and visitors. Particular emphasis placed on colour to create a relaxing, restorative environment whilst adhering to NHS Health & Safety requirements. Read more