What we do - the business of colour

"Karen Haller is an expert in colour branding psychology. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg of what she can help you discover about your business branding. For me the most valuable part of the process was the post analysis of what the chosen colours of my brand convey to potential customers and then about how to make sure the rest of my branding message - website, brochures, social media etc remain CONGRUENT with these values. It may have started with colour but I have gained a concise insight into my target market and how to speak to them on every level from colour through to the customer experience."
- KT, Precision Movement - specialist back and injury care

"Karen did the full colour analysis for my brand. What I liked is the fact that now the colours of my brand fit the values the brand stands for. Karen was also brilliant at directing me to the right agency: they used her colour report to design the logo and product packaging in a flash. I also sent Karen's report to my web designer so that the colour code would be reflected throughout. Thank you Karen!"
- Cyrine Ayoub, Cyrine Aromatherapie

"karen is a fantastic creative designer. she redesigned our training rooms and transformed them into a space that really reflected our brand and made it pleasurable and attractive to work in. karen has great integrity and is totally reliable in all her work dealings. if it is important to you that your workspace reflects your brand and values, then get in touch with karen." - Luke Davies, sandler training, covent garden

"What I particularly appreciated was not only the colours but also a new sense of being able to express my personality through my choice of colour combinations and style. To say that Karen has massively contributed to transforming my sense of self expression through clothes and making a huge difference to how I feel about myself is an understatement."
- Catherine M Shaw, UK Theta Healing Centre

What We Do

the business of colour

What Makes Us Different

The Right Colours sell your service. No Doubt about it.

Your Distinctive colours will make you stand out from the crowd.

Knowing what they are is Art + Science. At Karen Haller, we create the colours of your business brand so that it accurately reflects who you are and what you offer.

Getting your right colour combination is just the tip of the iceberg. At Karen Haller we get to the core of your Philosophy and ethos. We use applied colour psychology and colour physics to accurately portray your brand. It's the difference that makes the difference. This removes any client confusion and consistently attracts the right customers to you.

Getting this right distinguishes your brand from one that expands instead of one that just fades away.

Never underestimate the psychological impact of your business brand colours on your bottom line.

Inspired by what you have read?

Then contact me at hello@karenhaller.co.uk for a consultation, to find out if we are the right 'colour' for each other.

Colour and Your Business Brand

Whether you are undertaking a business rebrand or you're a business start-up, we can help you to create the authentic personality of your business in colour. Your unique branding colour palette will contain specific tones that psychologically reflect your true business personality and values. This can then be applied to all elements of your business brand from your logo, website, printed materials, retail products and uniforms. Find out more ...

Colour and Your Business Interiors

What is the first impression your customers have of your business when they step into your office, boutique or store? Is it designed to maximise sales and retain loyal customers? Are your staff areas designed to build morale, increase motivation and productivity? We understand the importance of colour and the very different needs for your client facing areas and those to support your staff. Find out more ...

Colour and Your Personal Brand

Are you looking to find the right tone of colours that will make you look your best no matter what the business reason or occasion - job interview, promotion, client facing meetings, presentations or evening work events? We will create a bespoke personal colour palette that reflects your authentic personality and physical colouring so no matter what the situation you will always be looking your authentic best.
Find out more ...

Colour Training & Branding Workshops

We offer a range of colour training programmes tailored to your specific business needs. They are suitable as an add-on module as part of your existing business training programme, seminar or workshop. Packed full of practical applications, interactive and fun! Please email hello@karenhaller.co.uk or call to discuss the best solution for you.

Media Requests

Karen is a regular contributor to media articles relating to colour psychology relating to business branding, interiors and personal colour. She has extensive experience working with PR agencies and journalist. Please email hello@karenhaller.co.uk or call to discuss your specific requirements.

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