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"Up to 85% of the initial perception of your business brand is based on colour ALONE"

- Source: CCICOLOR Institute for Color Research.

For your business, this means that right now, there's a pretty good chance that some - or all - of your brand's colours might actually be repelling your ideal clients... while at the same time it's also highly likely that you're not using the very colours that will significantly increase your sales! (It's crazy but it's true...)

The world's top companies and ad agencies spend millions every single year, to make sure they harness the psychological power of colour for their brands. And now, we've found an affordable way to make this expertise available to smaller businesses, like yours, at a fraction of the price paid by the big companies.

You don't need to invest millions - or even thousands - to use colours to make the perfect impression with your potential clients and supporters. All you need to get started... to get crystal clear about your authentic brand personality... and to discover which colours will attract and convert more of your ideal clients... is a few hundred pounds, and your belief that your business is worth it.

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build your brand starter kit clients

build your brand starter kit clients

what people say

"Karen's Branding Kit is a valuable, insightful process of getting to the heart of a brand. Taking the time to step back and work through the kit helped define the emotional impact I wanted my brand to have on potential clients, while being confident that Karen's colour recommendations would deliver what I needed. It also made the brand design and site development much faster, because so many decisions had been made already."
- Joanna Pieters, Time Wizard

"I was really delighted with your service.I haven't used any colour branding services before and was amazed at the ease of the programme and the level of support provided."
- An Coppens, Balanced Executives

"It's been such an invaluable exercise thinking so carefully about my brand and verbalising the thoughts I had on it all. It's made everything so much clearer and I feel so much more confident about moving things forward."
- Leonie Beaumont, Beaumont Designs

I've now got a complete package of the right colour branding that I can use for all the corporate stationery and website, so I feel well prepared for the next stage. I would recommend all types of businesses to you!"
- Melissa Longley, Longley Asset Management

Create your brand easily with the build your own brand kit

We give you first-time access to proven, sophisticated mathematical concepts of colour patterning, combined with colour psychology, but at a fraction of the price. Here's what you get and how it works:


Step 1. Discovering the authentic soul of your brand:

Over 5 weeks (or quicker if you wish) you are guided through a series of expert questions to uncover the authentic personality of your business brand, distilled down to personality type, key brand values, your brand vision and your Big Why;


"I instinctively realised that the current (former) colour branding was not quite right, I now feel I have solved that issue by working with you. It was great you were always available and responsive as I worked through the workbook." - Melissa Longley, Longley Asset Management


Step 2. Matching yur colours to your message:

This is where the science starts. You will get a refined palette of colours that corresponds with your business brand personality type and values, from which you then choose the colours from the palette that you feel best represents your business and your message;


"Your business brand colours will be communicating on a subconscious level what the words are communicating on a conscious level." - Karen Haller


Step 3. Customising your Harmonious Tonal Colour Palette:

This will contain the principle brand colours (complied from your selected colours), and up to four additional supporting colours within the same tonal family, together with each colour's positive psychological properties, and Pantone code references for use by your Designers;


Step 4. creating your brand bible and designers' Guide:

provided to ensure colour consistency across all your branding elements, both online and off, for professional briefing to your graphic / web / interior designers and printers for the best possible result for your brand;


Step 5. Getting your brand started:

Checklists, Top tips, everything you need to get your brand started!

PLUS: If needed, you get me helping and guiding you.


All this for

£299.00 + VAT

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