Communicating in colour

"Going through a re brand means making LOTS of decisions. Thankfully, one decision I didn't have to make was choosing colours to represent my new direction and business! Karen made the process really easy. She explained the results in great detail (which was fascinating) and provided useful info to take to my designer. Going through the consultations process was helpful in an unexpected way because it gave me an opportunity to really think about my professional and brand values, and bigger picture. I love my new colours and it makes creating a unified brand on and offline really simple. I'm assured that the colours represent my business in a positive way and love using them!" - Alicia Cowan

"I know from first had experience and from seeing the way Karen works with others that she is exceptionally high acheiver. She always does things properly and thoroughly, and this is so important for any business person. Karen assessed the colours of our business and gave us an in-depth account of what each colour means.So, not only did we get guidance on what we needed to change, but we also learned a lot from her. She is generous and kind and goes out of her way to think about clients even when it's not asked of her. She regularly suggests useful resources and suppliers - and connects people together. I also want to add that her blog is excellent, varied and educational - you will learn about colour and design from reading it." - Keren Lerner, Top Left Design

Colour and Your Business Brand

Why you need it

“85% of shoppers place colour as a primary reason for when they buy a particular product.” - KISSmetrics

Here at Karen Haller Colour & Design Consultancy we understand the importance of colour and branding in your business. It's not just the words and logo that convey your brand message; colour is the number one language of the most successful brands.

“When you use the right tonal harmonious colours, your brand's message is communicated quicker to the brain than words or shapes as they work directly on our feelings and emotions.” - Karen Haller

It's important to understand that creating a business brand palette is not just about picking a colour scheme you like - it's knowing how to use colour psychology to influence your customers to buy and maximising your sales. Karen Haller has over 20 years of experience studying colour and it's this expertise she uses to create instant results in business.

By using applied colour psychology to all levels of your business ensures your company's values are conveyed not only through words, but through the colours used. You are effectively doubling your branding message, instantly differentiating your brand from your competitors.

These results are seen in these 3 key areas of your business:
  1. Makes your brand instantly recognisable
  2. Stand out from the competition
  3. Increases your sales and profits.

"I had a business colour consultation with Karen and am so happy with the results! By getting to know my individual business and its goals beforehand, she knew exactly what effect I would need from my new colours to take my business up to new heights and access a wider audience." - Tamsin Fox-Davies, Small Business Marketing Mentor

How To Book Your Business Colour Consultation

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