Personal colour

“What makes Karen Haller different is that she intuitively knew the colours of my soul. I now dress each day in alignment with my true self. My true colours are shining through and I look the same on the outside as I feel on the inside. With my personal 'brand' in place, Karen then aligned the soul of my business with colours that represent my message.

I feel like I have come home. I attract exactly the right clients and at the right time for them and for me.”

- francine kaye, UK's Leading Relationships Educator

Personal Colour

expressing your authentic self

Did you know that every time you choose a colour to wear, you're making a statement about how you are feeling, how you want to feel and how you want others to interact with you?

And did you also know that sometimes you might unconsciously wear colours to make you acceptable, conform or fit in? What often happens, as a result, is that you are out of alignment with your true authentic self.

That's because you may have inadvertently used colour to protect yourself, or hide, which means effectively self-medicating with colour. Colour is incredibly powerful. It really is your 'visual voice'.

That's why Karen Haller is the leading international authority in the field of applied colour psychology. She knows this stuff from the inside out. She will show you intuitively and practically how to express your authentic personality and embody your soft feminine power through your own unique colours.

Isn't it your time for your Big Reveal?

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